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If your child is working at a level below their classmates, they may be selected for a place on the 1st Class@Number programme.




  • provides targeted use of the Pupil Premium
  • supports the new National Curriculum for Mathematics
  • raises mathematical attainment
  • increases enjoyment and engagement in mathematics
  • develops teaching assistants’ subject knowledge and wider effectiveness
  • provides detailed evidence of progress and impact.


1stClass@Number 1– for children who need further support at the level of the Year 1 curriculum.

1stClass@Number 2 – for children who need further support at the level of the Year 2 curriculum.

A specially trained teaching assistant delivers 30 half-hour sessions to a group of up to four children, for 12-15 weeks. The children continue to take part in their normal class mathematics lessons.

The lessons focus on number and calculation, developing children’s mathematical understanding, communication and reasoning skills.  A Post Office theme runs throughout, engaging children in real life contexts that are both stimulating and fun. Each topic starts with a simple assessment that helps the teaching assistant to tailor sessions to the children's needs.


Impact on Achievement

Over 45,000 children in Years 1 to 11 have been supported by 1stClass@Number in 3,500 schools.

  • They made an average Number Age gain of 12 months in only 3.5 months – over 3 times the expected progress.
  • 93% of them showed more confidence and interest in learning mathematics in class after 1stClass@Number.


Once the program is completed, most children return to the class as more confident and independent learners and go on to make good progress.