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Nursery EYFS – Rubies and Crystals

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Autumn Term 1


We have had a very busy start to our year and we've had lots of fun in nursery already. Our topic was, 'All About Me'. We played lots of, 'Get to know you,' games where we learnt things about each other. We learnt that we have lots of similarities such as our favourite foods and our favourite colours. We also have things that set us apart such as our birthdays and the things we like to do. We are all individual and have different strengths. We can do lots of amazing things like jumping really high, counting past ten, writing our names, making up stories and lots more. We looked closely at the different buildings we live in and then looked at the story of, 'The Three Little Pigs'. We loved acting it out and learning the repeated phrases. There was lots of, 'Huffing,' and, 'Puffing!'


We learnt all about Autumn and what happens to our surroundings. We noticed how the leaves were turning colour and falling from the trees. We had great fun going to the woodland walk to hunt for leaves of different sizes and colour. We took our findings back to class and used them to make beautiful Autumnal pictures. We also learnt about Harvest festival and what it means. We had great fun exploring different foods and especially enjoyed stamping with root vegetables and making patterns with tractor wheels.


Just before half term we learnt about Halloween and how it is observed. We enjoyed coming to nursery dressed up as different characters as well as carving pumpkins and making spooky playdoh spiders! We also learnt all about Diwali. We made wonderful Rangoli patterns with the see through 2D shapes and enjoyed learning the story of Rama and Sita. We listened to traditional Diwali music and had a go at learning some dance moves. 


We have really enjoyed getting to know each other and making new friendships. We are already loving our time at nursery and can't wait to see what happens next term...

Autumn Term 2


We have had a great second Autumn term and we have been very busy. We looked at the changes we could see as Autumn ended and Winter began. The trees outside were very bare so we had lots of fun making bird feeders to make sure the birds in our garden had something to eat.


We also learnt all about bonfire night and how to be safe around fireworks. We made some very bright firework pictures by rolling balls through paint and adding glitter. One of our favourite activities was squirting paint onto a big white sheet outside to make a large firework painting. Whilst learning about fire safety we had the chance to visit the local fire station which was great! We found out about the job of the fire fighters and they showed us where things are kept on the fire engine. Our teachers and parents seemed very impressed that there is machine on board for making tea and coffee but we were more interested in the hose! Our favourite bit of the trip was when they put on the blue lights and the siren, it was so loud but we loved it!


We looked at Remembrance day and learnt a little bit about soldiers. They do a lot of hard work for our country. We then made some wonderful poppy field pictures using pom poms dipped in paint. It was really messy but great fun! We also took part in the two minute silence held across the school.


We really enjoyed, 'World Nursery Rhyme Week'. We sang lots of our favourite rhymes as well as singing some nursery rhymes that are not sung as often anymore. We enjoyed lots of nursery rhyme activities and also took part in the first, 'Big Stay'n'Sing,' of the year. We absolutely love having our parents in to sing with us. 


Very soon we were gearing up to Christmas and there was so much to do. We had a lovely time decorating our class Christmas tree whilst dancing to Christmas music. Our role play corner was Santa's workshop and we enjoyed playing together as Santa's elves. Some of us visited the Christmas shop run by Friends of Homer and really enjoyed picking presents for our loved ones, we hope they like their gifts. We worked really hard to learn some lovely Christmas songs which we performed to our families in our Christmas tree singalong. We all looked fantastic in our costumes and everyone had big smiles on their faces as we performed. We got to visit the Christmas fayre around school and had lots of fun playing games and buying toys and cakes. We had a Christmas dinner in the hall which was so yummy! We loved pulling our crackers and wearing our Christmas hats. In class we learnt about Christingles and enjoyed making one of our own. We took our class one along to a special assembly about the nativity, given by the local church, and enjoyed lighting it. We also took part in Christmas jumper day and had a wonderful time at our Christmas party but we certainly had a favourite part of the Christmas activities...meeting live reindeer! Flash and Snowy took time out of their busy schedule and came to see us. They have very big antlers and we learnt a lot about them. We got to feed them reindeer chocolate and even sang them our song about reindeers. We think they really liked it!


We have had such a wonderful half term and we are really looking forward to seeing what comes next after the Christmas holidays...