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Reception EYFS - Diamonds and Pearls

The Royal Horses (8.6.2021)

We were very lucky to have the Royal horses visit us today at Homer. We got to learn all of their names and what they will be doing on the weekend for the Queen's birthday. We all had the opportunity to stroke them!

Aaaah Pirates!

Following the children's recent interests, we have enjoyed learning about pirates. We had a great time making treasure maps and pirate hats to support our role play. We even got to make up our own pirate names and enjoyed making up a pirate dance with our friends. To finish off this topic, we had a pirate flag competition which was set for our homework. We had some great pirate flag designs sent in.

Life cycles 

We have had fun learning all about life cycles. We enjoyed exploring the life cycles of a butterfly and a frog and were confident in sequencing these life cycles and using the associated vocabulary for each stage of the process. Nursery had their very own caterpillars and we enjoyed releasing them into the wild when they had grown into beautiful butterflies. 

Expressive Art & Design

As we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage, all areas of learning play a key part in the development of children's learning. We have enjoyed a range of creative activities over the school year. This has helped the children to build their creative and expressive skills independently. 

Wonderful Writing!

In Diamonds and Pearls we make great progress over the year with our writing abilities. We have enjoyed learning phase 2 and phase 3 sounds within our Phonics lessons and have been applying these learnt skills to our independent writing. 

Team Super Schools

We had a special treat today in Diamonds and Pearls. We had Team Super Schools come in to complete some fun physical activities with us. We had to fund raise money from our families and friends and then complete as many of the physical activities that we could within a set period of time. We even got to meet Sam Murray who is a pentathlete and she told us all about how she became a pentathlete and her exercise and food routine. 

Crazy Hair Day!

On the last day of half term we enjoyed taking part in Crazy Hair Day. We enjoyed styling our hair into crazy hairstyles whilst raising much needed funds for the school. We had a crazy hair day competition and our winners were:






We have enjoyed learning about Easter. We read the Easter story and enjoyed a range of Easter craft activities. We decorate Easter egg shapes, created Easter patterns and made Easter cards for our families. On the last day of half term we enjoyed having an Easter party and Easter egg hunt in the outdoor classroom. 

Remote Learning
Diamonds and Pearls have been working very hard at home. We are so proud to see the wonderful effort and creativity coming in everyday on Evidence Me!
Numeracy in the Early Years

Chatter Matters


Please follow the link below to videos containing information on how to aid communication and language skills in young children:



This term in Diamonds and Pearls, we have been learning about numbers up to 10 and their value; this is called subitising. This helps them to develop a deeper understanding of numbers and their value preparing them for concepts like addition and subtraction. We've enjoyed exploring number through play each week. 

World Nursery Rhyme Week

16th - 20th November 2020

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Nursery Rhyme Quiz
New starter transition booklets

Welcome to Diamonds and Pearls

Welcome to Diamonds and Pearls. Class teacher and teaching assistant for Diamonds class are Miss Noon and Mrs Bond. Class teacher and teaching assistant for Pearls class are Miss Deegan and Mrs Salmon. 

Hello, my name is Miss Noon and I'm Diamond's Class teacher.

I love working in Reception, we have so much fun exploring the world around us through arts and crafts, messy play, maths and literacy. 

My hobbies outside of school are running with my mum, walking our four dogs and spending time with my friends. 

I'm looking forward to seeing you all very soon and hope you enjoy the summer break!


My name is Miss Deegan and I am Pearl's class teacher. When I am not in school I like going shopping, going for coffee with my friends and visiting my family in Ireland. I have taught in the EYFS for five years now and I love it! Reception is a special year in school where we explore the world through play, conversations and song. I'm looking forward to having a wonderful year together. Have a lovely summer break!

Hello, My name is Mrs Bond, I am the teaching assistant in Diamonds class.

I have been at Homer for 7 years and have spent most of my time in Early Years, which I absolutely love.

I love watching the children learn through lots of free learning and I especially love some of the topics we cover.

Outside of school I enjoy lots of reading, shopping, crafts and spending time with my family. 

I am looking forward to meeting you all very soon.

Hello, my name is Mrs Salmon and I am the teaching assistant in Pearls class.

I love working in Reception class as I enjoy telling stories and getting into character, being creative and learning through the world around us.

When I am not at school, I love spending time with my family, walking my dogs, shopping and going on lovely holidays. Have a lovely summer holiday. Hopefully I will see you all soon! 

Class Newsletter

Early Years Foundation Stage

Your child's time in the Early Years Foundation Stage should prepare them for the rest of their time in school.

We want children to develop independence, to co-operate and to work alongside others. We encourage them to talk and communicate in a range of situations, building on what they already know, understand and can do.

Planning is led by the interests of the children. Our staff provide opportunities for every child to achieve their potential. During this stage a stimulating learning environment through play delivers all curriculum areas which need to form the basis of future learning including phonics, early reading and mathematics skills.


The children learn through play. They can explore, practice and refine specific skills through carefully organised activities and events.


Every child has a learning journey which documents all their learning and progress through the year. This document captures the experiences and learning journey for each individual child, which is a wonderful keepsake at the end of the year.