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Year 1 & 2 Emerald 2021/2022

Mrs Lawrence

I am Emerald Class teacher. I have worked at Homer for 14 years and I have been lucky to work across all year groups. My favourite lessons to teach are Maths (as I enjoy numbers and finding patterns)  and PE (playing lots of different competitve sports). I live in Windsor with my husband, our 3 children and our dog Odie. Outside of school I enjoy playing netball,  helping run my son's football team and socialising with friends. I am very excited about September as I am looking forward to welcoming children into Emerald Class. I am planning lots of activities to support and extend your learning in the classroom. I can't wait to see how much you have all grown and hear about your summer fun! 


Mrs McDowell

Hello, my name is Mrs McDowell and I am the teaching assistant in Emerald Class.  I've been at Homer for 3 1/2 years now, starting in Reception and then Year 1.  My favourite lessons are Maths and Science, and I really enjoy helping the children with their learning and having fun at school.  Outside of school I enjoy singing, reading, travel and spending time with my family and friends.  I'm looking forward to seeing you all in September and I hope you all have a lovely summer.


Mrs Bleach

I teach in several classes, often teaching Science as I really enjoy finding out about things and helping you to investigate the world. My main hobby is music - I play the piano, clarinet and flute and I enjoy singing in a choir every week. You'll often find me singing to myself! I am looking forward to seeing you all again in September and having lots of fun!  

September 2021

What a fabulous first couple of weeks we have had in Emerald class. Our Topic for this term is The Great Fire of London. The children are thoroughly enjoying learning all the history facts, as well as writing poems in Literacy around London's Burning. In Maths, we have been busy sorting objects by colour, size, weight, shape and begun writing addition and subtraction sentences. 


I have been extremely impressed with the children especially their positive attitudes and reading every night. Well done Emerald class!

Multi-Skills Competition

October 2021

This month our Maths focus is addition and subtraction. We have begun to use different physical objects to create number sentences. The children have begun to use the + and - mathematical symbols to create mathematical statements. We have also looked at ordering numbers and recognising when numbers are bigger or smaller than others. Again, the children have begun to use the mathematical symbols > greater than and < less than to compare numbers. In addition, they have been able to identify when numbers are equal and use this symbol = correctly. We are able to reinforce their understanding using different physical objects such as Numicon, cubes, counters, number lines.


In Literacy we have begun to write instructions and learn how important they are in everyday life. The children have started to understand 'time connectives' such as next, then, after, finally and when to use them. We have recently followed instructions to make bread rolls, which the children really enjoyed. Next we will be making Halloween spiders and then the children will use their knowledge of making them to create a set of written instructions using time words.


We are still enjoying learning about The Great Fire of London and how life has changed since then. In Computing we are learning (using Beebot Online) how to navigate and program the Beebot to enable it to move forward, backwards and sideways. Science has been extremely popular with Emerald class and they have thoroughly enjoyed different experiments and are learning to predict and then record results.


Finally, our reading at home continues to be highly important and impressive, the children are already showing  improvement and their love of books.  Keep up the great work!