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Year 3 & 4- Sapphire 2021-2022

Zoolab- Friday 11th March


We had a very exciting visit from ZooLab who bought some creatures from the rainforest into school. We learned all about how they are adapted to life in the rainforest as well as finding out what they eat and how they move. We were able to carefully hold some of the creatures such as the snake, giant snail, millipede and rat. There was also a tarantula and scorpion but they stayed inside their tanks!

Rainforest projects:


Over the half term KS2 completed topic projects on the rainforest. We had a fantastic array of models, poems and posters. Well done Sapphire, I was really impressed with all of your hard work.

World book day

Basketball competition 17/02/2022


Sapphire competed against each other in a fantastic basketball competition. We got very lucky with the weather and there was some brilliant play. We may have unlocked some NBA players of the future!

NSPCC Numbers day- 04/02/2022


Sapphire celebrated NSPCC numbers day with incredible fancy dress costumes and a maths filled day. We used our maths skills to solve clues to unlock prizes; we created some beautiful art to represent different numbers; and we used measurements to find the biggest and smallest things we could.

Christmas 2021

To celebrate Christmas this year Sapphire have made their own decorations, danced until they could not dance anymore, played musical statues, had a yummy Christmas lunch, and played pin the nose on Rudolph!

Ancient Greek Day


On 16th November, KS2 held an Ancient Greeks Day. The children came in dressed as Greek citizens and took part in lots of different activities.

We began by taking part in the Ancient Greek Olympics. The fierce competition started with the javelin, followed by the long jump and ended with a marathon relay. Next, we tasted some foods such as pitta bread, feta cheese, olives, dried figs and grape juice.

In the afternoon we madelaurel wreaths like the Greeks used to hand out at the Olympic games. We also made colourful cuff bracelets.

ECO Wow day 2021 - In Sapphire we decided to celebrate our world by thinking of ways we could protect it. We went on a walk around the school grounds in the morning to collect litter. Following this, we then reused plastic bottles and an old crate to turn it into a planter for some daffodils which we hope to see come through in the spring!

Year 4's Go Ape trip:


The year 4's recently went on a trip to Go Ape where they showed their high levels of bravery! There were a few wobbly moments (mainly from Mr Finney, Mrs McBride and Mrs Buckley) but we all got around and had a great time! Well done Sapphire!





Mr Finney


I am the teacher for Sapphire class and this is going to be my third year at Homer. My aim is to make everyday exciting and filled with opportunities to learn. I enjoy teaching all subjects but you will see me get extremely enthusiastic (and competitive) during PE lessons.Outside of the classroom I enjoy playing sports, seeing friends and family, and going for walks with my dog Matilda and daughter Delilah. I cannot wait until September to see you all in the classroom.



Mrs Buckley


I am Mrs Buckley and I am a teaching assistant in Sapphire class. I have been working as a teaching assistant at Homer for over 20 years and have worked in both key stage 1 and key stage 2 as well as doing Drawing and Talking.

I love taking my dogs Millie and Frank for long walks with my husband. I also enjoy gardening, swimming and having lots of family BBQ's.

I am really looking forward to September and seeing you all. Have a lovely summer and see you soon. 



Miss Harrold


I am Miss Harrold, I have lots of different roles within the school. I am a teaching assistant, ELSA, Speech and Language TA and  I cover classes. I have been working at Homer for nearly 9 years. I enjoy being able to work with all age groups and working on a 1-1 basis with many children. When I was a little girl I used to come to Homer, so it is lovely for me to now work here. In my spare time I love spending time with my family, walking my 2 dogs, shopping, and going on holiday. I am really looking forward to coming back to school in September to see you all back together to learn lots of exciting and new things. Have a safe and fun summer and I will see you all very soon!



Mrs McBride

Hello, my name is Mrs McBride and I will be a teaching assistant in Sapphire. This will be my fifth year working at Homer. I have spent my time in KS2 and delivering OT. My favourite lessons are Science and Art. When I’m not in school, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.  I am looking forward to meeting you all in September.