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Year 3 – Opal 2020/2021

Summer 2021 - Thank you and goodbye!


What a year we've had!  Opal Class have done so well this year, I am really proud of them for all they have had to cope with and how well they have come through. We've got entirely used to all the different ways we have had to do school and we almost can't remember what school was like before!  Hopefully by the Autumn Term everything will be back to how it used to be.  


The last few weeks have been fun as always, we've really enjoyed following the Euros football competition and as I write this Luther (England) and Italy (Wilf) are waiting to battle it out in our class sweepstake! We've even done handwriting, spelling and punctuation practice from those important words 'Football's coming home'. 


The children have done brilliantly with their Daily Mile running, we've tried to squeeze this in each day, after the staff received training which reminded us that children need at least 60 mins physical activity each day and we play an important part of this in providing opportunities at school, in addition to regular PE lessons.  


Thank you for all your support all year, I enjoyed getting to know many of you better during lockdown. I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching your children and I wish them all the very best next year with Miss Henderson in Amethyst Class.   

Have a good summer holiday,

Mrs Tickle


A Sizzling Summer Term starts here!


We've had a great week back at school this week, it's been busy! Check out our class page for all the photos.  Firstly the Cavalry turned up on the field with their magnificent horses and very smart uniforms.  Then we had the Science Workshop - all about engineering and a challenge to design and build a car which actually moved.  Then Sports Day on Thursday.  Everyone did their best and took part enthusiastically!  There are lots of very fast runners in Opal Class! We've been loving the warm weather and breaktime and lunchtime on the field.


New spelling lists will be coming home soon:  the children did really well with their spellings recently and I am sending home the lists of words they still need to learn, or need to start to learn.  Please continue to support them in this so they are ready to head into Year 4!


Take care

Mrs Tickle


Sports Day 2021!

Year 3 Science Workshop - Engineering Vehicles: Designing and Making Cars

Visit from the Cavalry! What a treat



Hi Opal parents and friends,

It's been a busy couple of weeks!  Here are lots of photos of Team Super Sports, the Daily Mile and Mad Hair Day!  We all loved meeting Olympic Pentathlon Silver medal winner Sam Murray and Adrian Patrick, Silver Commonwealth Games medal winner (400m) who both told us about their training, successes and failures, and life stories.  Later we watched their events on you tube - it was great to think we had met these people who performed in front of thousands of spectators at global events.  The class worked really hard on their work out sessions, thank goodness it was a lovely day!


The Daily Mile event last Friday was also fantastic.  The children had been practicing each day and on Friday everyone in the class ran the full mile.  They were great at encouraging and supporting each other.  Sadly the weather was terrible so we were dodging the showers and couldn't go on the field so lots of laps of the  playground!   


Thank you to everyone who tried to walk, cycle or scoot to school for a week - everyone did really well and we had some good conversations about our healthy living habits.  


We have been working hard in other lessons too, tackling mulitplication and division, bar charts and weight in Maths, writing shape poems and calligrams in Literacy, learning about the Roman invasions of Britain (what a great re-enactment out on the field, with Luther and Rayhan as Julius Caesar and Emperor Claudius, Sophie as the leader of the Celtic tribes). In Music the children have loved getting to know Beatles hits such as Hey Jude, Yellow Submarine and Blackbird. In PSHE we are talking about brushing our teeth and in Computing learning how to use TTRockstars and understanding algorithms.  And much else besides.......


I've sent home login details for TTRockstars which is a great programme for practising times tables at home.  It is tailored to your child's ability, the recommendation is 3 times a week for 10 minutes - little and often is best.  Please encourage them to do this - most love it and it really helps going into year 4 with confidence about their times tables.  


Thanks for all your support this term.  Hope you are keeping well.

Mrs Tickle




Dragon Hunting!



Dear Opal parents and carers,


Another fun week in Opal Class!  The children absolutely loved going on a dragon hunt after news had been received of a dragon sighting over the playground last weekend.  They found clues everywhere and many budding young reporters launched themselves into action with clipboards and notebooks.  Miss Brand and Mr Finney were interviewed as witnesses.  They are working on finishing their newspaper reports ready for publication.  They have also drawn some wonderful dragons, on display in the classroom.  I'll send them home eventually.


In Maths we have started learning grid method for multiplication.  It will really help the children if they know their times tables, mainly their 3x, 4x and 8x tables.  Please help them to keep practicing these.  After the holidays I will log them on to Times Tables Rock Stars, a website where they can practice more at home.  


The whole class continues to love the action song 'Guacamole' - if you don't know what I am talking about then please ask them or check it out at   We use this (and others like it) as regular 'movement breaks' as the children are expected to sit at tables for longer at the moment and they get fidgety!  


Lots of children won treats this week for reading every night for 18 weeks and completing their reading bookmarks in their reading records.  Very impressive.  


I will post again after the holidays: have a wonderful couple of weeks. I hope you enjoy the changes of lockdown rules!


Thank you for your ongoing support,

Mrs Tickle




Red Nose Day 2021!

Opal Class Catch up 19.3.21


Dear Opal parents and supporters,


Another super week back at school.  Again the children have been very settled and seemed happy to be back into normal routines.  


We've had fun today thinking about Red Nose Day and what Comic Relief is all about.  Their costumes have been wonderful and it's been a fun atmosphere all day! We've done a quiz, a reading comprehension, watched an Assembly and been bamboozled by some Red Nose Day riddles!


We enjoyed a great football lesson with Mitch, our coach who comes to take PE on Mondays.  The children really enjoy their lessons with him.  


We've begun some work about dragons which the children have been really enthusiastic about.  We've done some wonderful art (based on the book 'Tell us a Dragon' by Jackie Morris) with a landscape and dragons, we are beginning to write about some dragons we are inventing, and next week we will write a newspaper report about a dragon sighting over the school playground.  We may have to go on a dragon hunt into the woodland walk to look for signs.  


We also watched a powerpoint about 'What is the vaccine?' and had a useful discussion about what is happening now to help slow down the spread of coronavirus, help the chidren understand about the vaccine, encourage them that things are changing but remind them to still be vigilant about their hand-washing and following the rules until they change.  This was a really good chat with lots of questions and answers.  


Hope you all have a good weekend and thank you for your ongoing support.

Mrs Tickle and the Opal team.

Opal Class Catch-Up 12.3.21


A new class newsletter to hopefully keep you informed as I did during lockdown with my Friday catch-ups. Welcome back to Opal and I hope you have all had a good week, especially those of you who have sent your children back into school for the first time since December - I imagine it has been a bit more peaceful at home! 


We've had a good week back:  the children have adapted incredibly quickly and well to being back in school.  It just shows how resilient children are at this age.  It has been so lovely to see them (and you!) again.  Of course they have loved catching up with their friends and it has been great to see them charging around the playground in groups again.  We've had the door and windows open a lot so it's been quite windy and chilly at times but it keeps us awake!  We've had lots of activity breaks using a website called 'GoNoodle' - our favourite is a dance routine called 'Guacamole' laugh .


We have enjoyed a range of activities including some art and music (using BBC Ten Pieces) as well as a gentle re-start to Literacy and Maths.  Lots of handwriting practice to help us remember how to join our letters. Some creative poetry writing which we always enjoy because there aren't so many rules and we can let our imaginations run loose.  Becoming more confident using 3 digit numbers.  


In PE we have completed the Martial Arts challenge and hope that we can keep up our excellent record competing against other year 3 classes in the area.  Well done to everyone who did it at home, all our scores have been put together and submitted.    


The children have enjoyed buying Mother's Day presents:  thank you for supporting Friends of Homer in this way.


 Please do continue to keep in touch via the school office if you want to talk to me about anything.


Have a good weekend,

Mrs Tickle


Ted Harrison Art! Opal Class have been inspired by the Canadian/British artist Ted Harrison to use bold colours and strong shapes to create landscape art. You will see mountains, valleys, tornadoes, rivers and trees. I am sure you will agree there are some wonderful artists here!

Jungle Explorers! Opal Class have been writing an 'Explorer's Log' imagining an exciting journey into the jungle. They have used conjunctions and adverbials to improve their sentences and exciting descriptions of what they discovered. Some of them turned them into booklets and others published them! It was good to imagine being somewhere exciting away from our lockdown experience!!

Opal Class Junior Bake Off! Opal Class enjoyed baking at home this week and produced some wonderful cakes and bread! Thanks to all the adults involved too. We agreed that everyone had great potential as a baker in the future. The children really enjoyed thinking about their recipes and taking part in the cooking.

Geography Home Learning January 2021. At home Opal class have had fun making models of the earth's core and exploding volcanoes!  Here are some examples.  All sorts of different techniques were used.  Thanks to all the parents who helped too!  Home learning can be fun!

Merry Christmas!  


We've had an exciting and busy term and it's been great to be back in school with everyone here.  Although lots of things have been different this term the children have all coped incredibly well, worked hard and we've had fun too!   Christmas activities have been different too but we all loved making our classroom so Christmassy (everyone in the school has admired it as they walked past!) and the children really enjoyed writing, rehearsing and performing our class Christmas videos. We hope you've enjoyed them too. It was good to have a chance to think about what Christmas really means to us and it was really interesting to hear what the children thought about what was important to them. They enjoyed being able to share their ideas in our class film.    Learning to use sign language instead of singing has also been really challenging! 

They all also really enjoyed the reindeer visit, the Christmas lunch, Christmas party games and lots of other Christmas activities we did in the classroom!  

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and look forward to seeing you in 2021, we hope it will be a better year for everyone!

From Opal Class Teachers 


Christmas Lunch!

The reindeer came to visit!

A Christmas Classroom!

A new tree for Homer!

Eco-warriers in action!


The Key Stage 2 Eco-Warrior Committee wrote to our local councillors about making Windsor better at using less 'single use'The Eco-Warrior committee and their letters to RBWM Councillors plastic.  The children became quite animated about this after a group called 'Plastic Free Windsor' contacted us and asked us to get involved.  We talked about the role of the Council and decisions which had been made to make Windsor a more environmentally friendly place, but we know that more could be done. 


Science Experiment: How does sound travel?

Halloween 2020

Opal Class Staff

Mrs Tickle

I am the Opal Class Year 3 teacher. I have worked at Homer for 15 years since my daughters came here (they are now 19 and 21!) I like helping children to read and write and I love history and finding out about how people used to live in the past. When I am not in school I love music: listening to it, playing the piano and being part of a fun singing club. I also help in my local church. I enjoy being with my family at home and going for walks. I am very much looking forward to getting to know you in September and making it the best year yet at Homer! 


Mrs McBride

Hello, my name is Mrs McBride and I will be a teaching assistant in Opal. This will be my fourth year working at Homer. I have spent my time in KS2 and delivering OT. My favourite lessons are Science and Art. When I’m not in school, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.  I am looking forward to meeting you all in September.


Mrs Rogers


I am Mrs Rogers and I will be a TA in Opal. I like to go to the gym and exercise to keep my mind and body healthy, it’s my new journey to get healthier.  I like organising and cleaning it’s nice and relaxing for me. I am looking forward to seeing all the children from last year’s class and spending another year with them. I’ve watched them grow and develop since Reception and I’m excited to see that journey continue.

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