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Early Years Foundation Stage

Your child's time in the Early Years Foundation Stage should prepare them for the rest of their time in school.

We want children to develop independence, to co-operate and to work alongside others. We encourage them to talk and communicate in a range of situations, building on what they already know, understand and can do.

Planning is led by the interests of the children. Our staff provide opportunities for every child to achieve their potential. During this stage a stimulating learning environment through play delivers all curriculum areas which need to form the basis of future learning including phonics, early reading and mathematics skills.


The children learn through play. They can explore, practise and refine specific skills through carefully organised activities and events.


Every child has a digital learning journey (Evidence Me) which documents all their learning and progress throughout the year. Through Evidence Me observations, we capture experiences, learning and highlight children's next steps. These are shared with you weekly and we do encourage you to send us your observations of your child. 

Getting to know you! Take a look at some of the learning that will be happening in EYFS this term.