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Who's Who


Head Teachers

Miss Brand   

Mrs Sharma  


Designated Safeguarding Leads

Miss Brand   

Mrs Sharma  

Miss Henderson

Mrs Young


Key Stage Leaders


Mrs Young                         EYFS Leader

Miss Brand                        KS1 Leader

Miss Henderson                KS2 Leader


SEND Leaders

Mrs Young                          SENCO

Miss Noon                          Deputy SENCO


Administration and Finance


Mrs Mirfin                            Office Manager

Mrs Rafiq                             School Business Manager


Class Teachers and Support Staff from September 2021




Support Staff

Nursery - Rubies and Crystals

Miss Deegan



Mrs Bond

EYFS - Diamond

Miss Noon



Miss Harrold

EYFS/Year 1 - Garnet

Mrs Knowles/Mrs Young


Mrs Salmon

Year 1/2 - Emerald  

Mrs Lawrence

Mrs McDowell


Year 2 - Topaz

Mrs Clark



Mrs Huskings

Mrs McBride

Year 3 - Opal

Mrs Tickle


Mrs George

Mrs Cooper


Year 3/4 - Sapphire

Mr Finney


Mrs Buckley

Mrs McBride

Miss Harrold


Year 4 - Amethyst

Miss Henderson

Miss Carlton



Speech and Language Teaching Assistant: Mrs Rawlinson


ELSAs- Mrs Bond, Miss Harrold and Mrs Salmon


Maintenance Staff


Site Manager


Mr Harrold


Lunchtime Assistants


Mrs Barnes

Mrs Drummie

Miss Hatton

Miss Langley