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Geography and History

History and Geography are taught in blocks across a 2 year planning cycle.  


In History the children develop an awareness of the past and the ways in which life was different from the present day. They enjoy learning about past events and famous people.  They are taught skills for understanding the past such as using artefacts, photographs and books. 


Where possible, a varied and hands-on approach is used so children of all ages engage in activities with artefacts and dressing up opportunities, or make visits to relevant historical sites or museums, or perhaps benefit from a visiting theatre or education group. A typical visit might be to Windsor Castle or the St Albans Romans Museum.  The Year 4 residential trip each year takes place at Ufton Court, a wonderful Tudor educational centre where children become immersed in activities related to the history topic they are studying.  This has included the Anglo-Saxons or the Romans.  


Often historical units are linked with other cross-curricular areas.  They are often linked with Literacy work as they offer excellent opportunities for talk and writing. For example a non-fiction report about the discovery of the pyramids in Ancient Egypt might be written.  History provides a fantastic opportunity for links with geography, drama, art and music, and where possible, other subjects. 


Geographical skills begin with the child's own neighbourhood before looking further afield to look at contrasting localities.  Children are encouraged to study the effects humans have on the physical environment in which they live, and thus develop an appreciation of the natural world. 


Strong links are encouraged between Geography and other curriculum areas such as Maths, Science and ICT.  Sometimes geographical units are linked with Literacy work as they offer such rich opportunities for talk and writing.  Wherever possible, links are made with the local community and a practical field study approach is used, for example a walk of the local area might take place. Children's own experiences and knowledge is valued and shared.

Geography and History Long Term Plan