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Modern Foreign Languages

At Homer First School we teach French to all children in Years 3 and 4.  Modern Foreign Languages have always been important at Homer First School as part of our aim to help children understand their place in the wider world and to help them to take part in the wider community around us. A variety of lively activities are used to help children learn such as games, songs, watching video clips and the children get used to taking part in some early French conversations.  Children learn to introduce themselves, greet other people, express how they are feeling and use numbers, colours and some every day vocabulary useful around the home and at school.  They learn the names of some animals, clothes and food. 


Children also begin to learn about the roots of modern languages through other parts of the curriculum. For instance they learn some Latin as part of learning about the Romans in Britain, some Ancient Greek from learning about Ancient Greece, and start to understand how words from these languages influence our vocabulary and society today.  In RE, lessons about key words in different religions also help the children to understand the importance of language to different groups of people, for example when we learn about Judaism, Hinduism or Sikhism.