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The Governors of Homer are here to challenge the school and make sure that they are being the best that they can be, both for the pupils and for themselves. As we are integral to the management of the school and members of the leadership team we are assessed alongside the school in any Ofsted inspections.


There are 8 governors in total made up of:-

  • 1 Local Authority
  • 3 Parents
  • 2 Co-Opted
  • Co-Head Teachers
  • 1 Staff


In order to operate all Governors attend a Full Governing Body meeting once a term which cover the following:

  • Finances
  • Premises
  • Development, school and staff
  • Safeguarding
  • Curriculum & school results


Besides attending meetings we have other roles that we carry out, for example we are aligned to some subjects to specifically focus on. We do this by liaising regularly with the teacher who is responsible for leading the subject. In addition we visit the school and spend time in lessons, observing how the children are progressing. We are also present at parents’ evenings and assist with parent surveys.


Towards the end of the school year we have a governor in school day. This is where we all get to join in the lessons and then at the end of the day we review the school development plan with all the staff and celebrate our successes and establish future goals for the year ahead.


But it’s not all work, we get to come to school plays and fun days like the Christmas & Summer Fairs. The role is pretty busy but very rewarding especially for a great school like Homer. If you have any questions for us we can be contacted through the school office.

Chair of Governors - Jacqui Doling

Local Authority Governor

Links: Safeguarding

Jacqui is a local resident who has supported the school as Chair for 6 years.


Co-opted Governor - Tim Powell

Links: PSHE

Tim is a local resident who has supported Homer for many years.


Associate Governor - Clive Haines


Co-opted Governor - Rachel Endacott

Links: SEND/Inclusion and Pupil Premium

Rachel is a parent to children in Emerald and Diamond class. She works locally in education.


Parent Governor - Jean Sheppard

Links: EYFS and Literacy

Jean is parent to a child in Opal class.

She has previously worked as a Finance Assistant.


Parent Governor - Lars Swann

Links: IT and Science

Lars is a parent to children in Nursery and Opal class. He runs his own successful financial accounting and business advice practice locally.

Links: Safeguarding/Child Protection

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