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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

The social and emotional wellbeing and mental health of the children at Homer First School & Nursery is at the heart of our school. We pride ourselves on the support we provide in ensuring that all children at Homer build positive relationships by providing them with opportunities to develop their social and emotional skills. We recognise the importance of emotional wellbeing in achieving in all areas of school life and the importance this has on developing confident and resilient learners. For children requiring additional support with their emotional wellbeing we offer the following:

Emotional Learning Support Assistants

ELSAs are a warm and caring person who will support your child’s emotional wellbeing, so they can reach their full potential. Our ELSAs are specially trained and regularly supervised by RBWM’s Educational Psychology Service.

Nurture Group

Our nurture group runs weekly and has space for between 6 -12 children. Nurture groups assess learning and social and emotional needs and give the necessary help to remove the barriers to learning.

Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends is an approach that supports to develop social and behavioural skills. This is delivered by our ELSAs.


Drawing & Talking Therapy

This uses drawing and talking as a method of working with children who need support to develop their emotional and learning needs.



This is for children that have parents in the British Forces and allow children to communicate with their loved ones who are currently deployed. Children will get the opportunity to write letters and draw pictures which are then sent to their loved ones.


As parents and carers, you are fully involved at every stage of meeting your child's needs, should you wish to discuss your child’s needs please contact the school’s SENCOs Mrs Young and Miss Noon via the school office.