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Lunch Menus

Staying for Lunch at School


Hot School Dinners

We are very fortunate to have meals cooked on our premises and hope that you will encourage your child to try the hot school lunches.   Nursery children bring in a packed lunch from home.


We use an on-line system called SCOPAY ( which allows parents to view the menu and order and pay for lunches without the need to send cash or cheques into school.  The cost of a school lunch is £2.10 per day.  Children in EYFS, Year 1 and 2 are eligible for the Universal Free School Meal and therefore do not need to pay when placing their order.  When your child starts at our school, you will be sent a letter inviting you to register and we would encourage you to do so - even if you don’t want to order a school lunch initially, you may wish to at some point in the future.  You can order weekly, monthly or termly.


Packed lunches

To provide a healthy and nutritious meal we recommend a selection of the following items in your child’s lunch box:

  • Sandwiches or a roll - filled with meat, fish, cheese or egg – not jam or chocolate spread 
  • Salad – pasta, green or mixed
  • Cheese – not processed or the ‘stringy’ kind
  • Chopped raw vegetables – eg carrots, cucumber or tomatoes
  • Yogurt – not the squeezy kind! And a spoon
  • Fruit – fresh or dried
  • Fruit squash or water - not fruit juice or fizzy


Occasional treats – not every day please:

  • Small packet of crisps or savoury biscuits
  • Small cake / mini roll / biscuit – preferably fruit or plain
  • Cocktail sausages / sausage roll


It is helpful to provide your child with sufficient so they are not hungry although beware of overloading the lunch box!


Items not allowed at any time:

  • Sweets
  • Fizzy drinks
  • Squeezy yoghurts
  • Nuts of any kind (including peanut butter & chocolate/hazelnut spread)


We encourage the children to eat the savoury food first and not to swap or try food from anyone else’s lunch box. Any food not eaten will not be thrown away at school but will be brought home to show you.