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School Closure during lockdown

Although school is closed for most pupils some of our keyworker children have been in to allow their parents to keep working. We have been having lots of fun and enjoying the sunshine. This week we have done scavenger hunts, made our own mini golf courses, created a 'laser' maze out of tape and produced some wonderful chalk drawings on the playground. Perhaps you could try some of these activities at home. 

Science Week

Ocean Express - Soft Play Bus

Nursery - Rubies and Crystals

We had SO much fun on the Ocean Express soft play bus. We really enjoyed sliding down the slide, crawling through the tunnels and playing in the ball pit. Miss Lilley and Mrs Knowles looked like they were having fun too! Here’s what the children had to say...


“It was amazing!”

“The slide was the best bit!”

“I really liked the bus because it was really beautiful!” 
“It was so different and green and a little bit big!” 
“I really liked it because it’s clear (the see through floor) and because it’s different”. 
“Going on...I liked it!” 
“It was so cool, I like it!” 


World Book Day

First Aid Training

NSPCC Number Day

We all had a great day. The children came to school in number themed mufti for a donation of £1 which ranged from football shirts to children dressed as clocks. The staff also got involved with some dressed as a snakes and ladders board game or giant dominoes.


The children started off their day with an assembly to learn about how their money would be used to help children less fortunate than themselves by way of Childline. They learnt that just £4 puts one child in touch with Childline and we demonstrated this by having four children come out to the front. They therefore understood just how many children they were helping as a school. 


The children then had a whole day of number themed activities in their classes by way of problem solving, number themed challenges and making links to other areas of the curriculum. There was a real buzz around the school and the children were really engaged in everything they took part in. There were lots of opportunities for group work, partner work and even solving problems on teachers’ outfits (one teacher had the fibonacci sequence displayed on their top which one child eventually recognised). 


After school we held a cake sale with yummy treats donated by the parents. Some of them had gone to great lengths with their children over the weekend to bake lots of number themed goodies from domino cookies, number block cupcakes and even a clock face cake! This is something I had encouraged them to do so they could look at where numbers were used within baking (such as weighing and measuring ingredients and setting timers on the oven) therefore making maths meaningful to everyday life. There was a great turn out and we were able to raise £267.30 for the NSPCC.


Thank you to everyone for your support,


Miss Lilley

KS2 Trip to Science Oxford

Chinese New Year in EYFS

Reception and Nursery


We had a great time learning all about Chinese New Year. We learnt the story of how the animals had a race to have a year named after them. We also looked at Chinese symbols for sounds and numbers, made lanterns, tried hard to use chopsticks, ate some yummy Chinese food and even had a go at some traditional Chinese dancing. Gong hei fat choy!

Christmas Lunch


Christmas Fair


Key Stage 2 Christmas Play- Star of Wonder

Fizz Pop! Science Assembly

Key Stage One Autumn Term Topic 2019

The Great Fire of London


This term, Key Stage One enjoyed learning about The Great Fire of London. The children learnt about the events of the fire and life in London during 1666. They took part in a drama workshop, wrote diaries, baked bread, made clay Tudor houses, learnt about fire safety and completed half term projects based on The Great Fire of London.    

Ancient Greeks Day in KS2