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Fizz Pop! Science Assembly

Fizz Pop! Science Assembly 1
Fizz Pop! Science Assembly 2
Fizz Pop! Science Assembly 3
Fizz Pop! Science Assembly 4

Ancient Greeks Day in KS2

Ancient Greeks Day in KS2 1 There were some fantastic costumes!
Ancient Greeks Day in KS2 2 Making laurel wreath headbands
Ancient Greeks Day in KS2 3 More lovely costumes
Ancient Greeks Day in KS2 4 Some of our prize winners
Ancient Greeks Day in KS2 5 Food Tasting
Ancient Greeks Day in KS2 6 We had a costume parade

Big Stay'n'Sing

Big Stay'n'Sing  1
Big Stay'n'Sing  2
Big Stay'n'Sing  3

Reception and Nursery

We had lots of fun at our first, 'Big Stay'n'Sing' of the year. All three EYFS classes came together in the hall where Miss Lilley led us in songs such as, 'The ants go marching,' 'The penguin song,' 'I'm a little tea pot,' 'Ring-a-ring-o-roses,' and many more! We loved having some of our parents join us. Some of them were excellent with the actions...we're not sure who had the most fun! 

EYFS Firestation Visit

EYFS Firestation Visit 1
EYFS Firestation Visit 2
EYFS Firestation Visit 3
EYFS Firestation Visit 4
EYFS Firestation Visit 5
EYFS Firestation Visit 6
EYFS Firestation Visit 7
EYFS Firestation Visit 8
EYFS Firestation Visit 9
EYFS Firestation Visit 10
EYFS Firestation Visit 11
EYFS Firestation Visit 12
EYFS Firestation Visit 13

Reception and Nursery


Our EYFS trip this term was to our local fire station after learning about fire safety and bonfire night. We loved seeing the fire engine up close, there were so many things inside. We learnt about the hosepipe, the claw that's used to crush or compact metal, the uniform that is worn and even where the biscuits are kept! Our favourite bit was when they put the lights and the siren on, it was so exciting and very loud! 

Snow White Theatre Show

Snow White Theatre Show 1
Snow White Theatre Show 2
Snow White Theatre Show 3
Snow White Theatre Show 4

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Macmillan Coffee Morning 1
Macmillan Coffee Morning 2
Macmillan Coffee Morning 3
Macmillan Coffee Morning 4
Macmillan Coffee Morning 5
Macmillan Coffee Morning 6