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Year 3 – Opal

Merry Christmas!  


We've had an exciting and busy term and it's been great to be back in school with everyone here.  Although lots of things have been different this term the children have all coped incredibly well, worked hard and we've had fun too!   Christmas activities have been different too but we all loved making our classroom so Christmassy (everyone in the school has admired it as they walked past!) and the children really enjoyed writing, rehearsing and performing our class Christmas videos. We hope you've enjoyed them too. It was good to have a chance to think about what Christmas really means to us and it was really interesting to hear what the children thought about what was important to them. They enjoyed being able to share their ideas in our class film.    Learning to use sign language instead of singing has also been really challenging! 

They all also really enjoyed the reindeer visit, the Christmas lunch, Christmas party games and lots of other Christmas activities we did in the classroom!  

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and look forward to seeing you in 2021, we hope it will be a better year for everyone!

From Opal Class Teachers 


Christmas Lunch!

The reindeer came to visit!

A Christmas Classroom!

A new tree for Homer!

Eco-warriers in action!


The Key Stage 2 Eco-Warrior Committee wrote to our local councillors about making Windsor better at using less 'single use'The Eco-Warrior committee and their letters to RBWM Councillors plastic.  The children became quite animated about this after a group called 'Plastic Free Windsor' contacted us and asked us to get involved.  We talked about the role of the Council and decisions which had been made to make Windsor a more environmentally friendly place, but we know that more could be done. 


Science Experiment: How does sound travel?

Halloween 2020

Opal Class Staff

Mrs Tickle

I am the Opal Class Year 3 teacher. I have worked at Homer for 15 years since my daughters came here (they are now 19 and 21!) I like helping children to read and write and I love history and finding out about how people used to live in the past. When I am not in school I love music: listening to it, playing the piano and being part of a fun singing club. I also help in my local church. I enjoy being with my family at home and going for walks. I am very much looking forward to getting to know you in September and making it the best year yet at Homer! 


Mrs McBride

Hello, my name is Mrs McBride and I will be a teaching assistant in Opal. This will be my fourth year working at Homer. I have spent my time in KS2 and delivering OT. My favourite lessons are Science and Art. When I’m not in school, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.  I am looking forward to meeting you all in September.


Mrs Rogers


I am Mrs Rogers and I will be a TA in Opal. I like to go to the gym and exercise to keep my mind and body healthy, it’s my new journey to get healthier.  I like organising and cleaning it’s nice and relaxing for me. I am looking forward to seeing all the children from last year’s class and spending another year with them. I’ve watched them grow and develop since Reception and I’m excited to see that journey continue.

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